Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize the little things were the big things. ~Robert Brault

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I can honestly say that I am the luckiest mommy in the world.  I have the most amazing kids and a hubby to match.  I love days like today when my kids spoil me and Bryan spoils me even more!!  

This week has been great. Carter had a spinal and big doses of chemo on Monday which usually expresses itself with him missing pretty much the entire week of school.  We kept him home the remainder of the day Monday but aside from that he went to school ALL week. It was AWESOME!  Both he and I commented and celebrated each day when he returned home from a full day of school.  I'm seriously so proud of him.  It's nuts how the exact same meds will have completely different affects on him each and every week and month.  He counts are good and his liver (knock on wood) is keeping up.  They upped all of his at home chemos because he's (obviously) grown over the last year so we'll see how the ol' liver survives that.  
It snowed the other night.  We were shutting down the house and looked out the windows to find this.  Dumb.  But it was all gone by the morning so I got over it quickly.  The weather is still so up and down.  We were all in shorts and flip flops the other day and today are hunkered down in sweats and slippers watching the rain.  (LOOOOVE the rain!)

 Addilyn and I had a baking day and while the treats completely backfired (correction: they tasted wonderful but I couldn't get them out of the cupcake tins to serve at the activity I was going to) Addi and I had a lot of fun licking spatulas and eating cookie dough.  I cannot get enough of that girl.  Absolutely cannot.  I am so glad she's only going to 1/2 day next year.  I wonder if they offer 1/2 day first grade too.  :)
I took the kids out for Frozen Yogurt (or fro yo as we refer to it) twice this week.  It was just so nice outside and what mama doesn't love to spoil their kids every now and then.  We even met Daddy there on a day that he was working a 12. That's always a fun surprise.  Boy, do my kids adore their Daddy.  (Pres calls him, "My Daddy" all the time.  I love it... and so does Bry.)
 Yesterday was a chilly, lazy Saturday so we took a drive into the mountains.  One of the things we love the very most about living here is that we can venture off in any direction and find beauty we haven't yet discovered.  Yesterday we found the future spot of Addilyn's birthday pictures.  (I was much more excited about this than she was. :))  The views were amazing. If anyone wants to come visit we can promise you beautiful picnics and scenery... and bipolar weather.  :)  


 The kids are all in swim lessons and doing great.  Because of the move and then the whole cancer thing it's been nearly two years since they have been in lessons.  It's a good refresher for Carter and really good for his weak muscles.  The girls are learning a lot.  Pres adores her teacher which is good since this is her first go at swim lessons.  For some reason she thinks it's ok to lay on the nasty floor when it's not her turn for lessons.  Sick.

 A few weeks ago I went to a photog retreat.  For part of it I brought along Addi and her little bestie, Rylee.  A friend of mine got this picture and I'm super in love with it.  I'm going to blow it up big in her room... fun, huh?  

Funny story about Preslee:  I was on the treadmill at the gym with my headphones on when I heard my name being paged.... never a good thing.  I thought maybe Pres had an accident or something.  So, I headed down there and asked if everything was ok.  The probably 19 year old girl looked at me (trying to hide her disgust) and said, "Ummm.... after Preslee went to the bathroom she decided to wash her panties in the sink."  I just looked at her, smiled, and said, "That's my girl!"  That is so her.  I had a hard time reprimanding her without laughing (but I did) after I told her how proud of her I was for going not just #1 but also #2 at the gym.  She's such a goof.  :)


Tami said...

that picture of Addie and her friend is ADORABLE.

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