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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer, here we come!

This week was a fun one for us.  Friday was the last day of school for Carter.  He had a great year (what he attended at least) and a wonderful teacher.  We are going to miss Mr. Wilson and I know he'll miss Carter.  But, onward and upward!  Look out 2nd Grade because Carter is about to eat you for LUNCH!  :)

In related news, Addilyn GRADUATED FROM PRESCHOOL!  The mama in me is SO sad she's headed off to school.  Thank goodness she will only be gone 1/2 of the day.  She's too darn cute to lose all day quite yet.  She announced at her graduation that she wants to be a "Space Girl" when she grows up.  Pretty sure she wants to be like her big brother which is where that came from.  :)
 Her and her bestie, Rylee.  (The one from the giggling picture.)  They will be in separate schools next year and Ry is going all day.  It is going to be VERY hard on these two who are attached at the hip.
 Addilyn and Miss Denice, her wonderful preschool teacher.  
 Proud parents.

 Yesterday, Bryan had the day off and I needed new running shoes so we headed up the the big city.  (Denver)  The good news is I got some running shoes.  (I know, you're so relieved.)  The better news is that we went to the Butterfly Pavilion.  The kids loved it.  I wrote all about it for those who would like to read more on my photography blog.  If you don't want to read more but you want to see some cute pictures of the kids, then go there, skip the reading, and check out the pictures.  :)  
This is one picture I didn't post of my blog.  Addilyn was SO brave and held Rosie the Tarantula!!!  BRAVEST 4 YEAR OLD EVER!  Much braver than her mommy.  Here she is showing off her "I held Rosie" sticker.  (Daddy had one to match.  The rest of us should have gotten one that said, "We are major wimps!")

holding Rosie.

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my-fancy-bride said...

the girl is so brave! i am not brave enough to touch the spider